Occasionally can't hide Scrivener under Leopard

Since I upgraded to Leopard, I occasionally get a problem with Scrivener (both 1.11 and the latest 1.12 beta) being unable to hide – selecting “Hide Scrivener” from the application menu or hitting cmd-H have no effect.

However, after entering and then exiting full screen mode, I’m able to hide the application again.

Not sure if this is a Scrivener or Leopard bug, or a weird incompatibility, because I’ve seen very similar behaviour from DEVONthink. The only superficial thing I can see that the two apps have in common is a full screen mode, but unlike my Scrivener workaround, invoking full screen mode in DT has no effect on its occasional inability to hide.

Strange - given that it happens in both DT and Scrivener, it sounds like a Leopard bug to me. The “Hide” menu command is just something that comes in the menu with no code on the developer’s part. In other words, the standard menu commands are just handled by built-in OS X code (Quit, Hide, Recent, Show Fonts etc). So Scrivener has no control over Hide. DevonThink and Scrivener no doubt have very different full screen implementations, so I doubt that is a factor.

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I think it must be a Leopard issue, and perhaps more specifically connected with Spaces. I had the same problem with Adium the other day; I could minimise the chat window but I couldn’t hide the app. Next time I booted up and was running Adium, it hid itself as usual.