October 2019 Beta freezes on playonlinux when dragging and dropping text files into Scrivener

Hi all,

The beta is working great on Linux thus far, however, today I tried to drag and drop plain text files to add them to scrivener and it crashes/freezes Scrivener (the dialog pops up asking if I want to add the files, and then I have to force close the program and restart).

Is there a dll I can add or other fix or workaround? Are others experiencing this issue? Worst case scenario is I install the beta on a windows partition and then add them there, but kinda of a pain…

Hi letterrip, I can confirm that I’m having the exact same issue. I’m using the latest version of the beta on playonlinux using the latest stable release of 64-bit wine.

I just tried using wine’s explorer (run from the same wineprefix as Scrivener.) No problems. Are y’all trying to use whatever desktop file manager? Because I don’t think that has ever worked with Scrivener.