Odd Behavior and possible Data Loss

Hello Community,

I’m experiencing an odd behaviour of scrivener for the last couple of days. When i open up Scrivener, it shows me nothing but an empty outliner view, no folders no texts, no treestructure on the left sidebar.
I know that the data is still there inside the .scriv package, but somehow the binder.scriv file cannot be read by the program.
It will then be overwritten by the empty (or corrupted) binder in the auto-save procedure
This happens with newly created files a well … so i cannot even resume work in a new document.

This happened on Scrivener Gold for the first time a couple of days ago, an a re-installing procedure could solve the problem.
I then updated to a proper License of the latest Version, but the Problem remains. And with the new Version (1.11) a re-installation doesn’t solve it. (Which makes it a bit worse because i updated all my data to the new scrivener standard which make it impossible to get back to the old version)

An Idea Anyone?

Would be too nice if someone could help out, because after i nicely filled the research folder I was just about to start with my diploma thesis.

Thanks for any Help. best, Dan

System: 10.5.2, Intel, QT 7.4.1, running as admin


I think it was you I just sent an e-mail to about this. On top of what I said there about sending me the project, could you open up the console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and see if any errors get printed up there?


Yes that was me … thank you for the instant help.

After your tip that it might be a font-related issue, I re-enabled a lot of fonts and from what it seems this was the problem.

After the update to the current Version (in which I also replaced the Preferences File) the prefs were back to the default fonts as opposed to the set I was using before.

Help came fast and I’m happy to get back to work with scrivener.
Thanks a lot.


I do know that if the Helvetica supplied by apple is disabled many programs that use the Text engine get real wacky.

Lucidia Grande too I think. I had a list somewhere…

Yes, Lucida Grande should be left alone. That is used extensively in interface functions. It would probably be a good idea to leave Monoco alone, too, as that is used in a lot of places where fixed width text is required.

Rule of thumb: if it is in /System/Library/Fonts , it is probably a good idea to just let it be, even if you never use it.