Odd Behavior when compiling and ebook which has both styles and markdown

I’ve got a document which I originally wrote in Markdown, and copied into a scrivener document as plain text.

I converted all my headings to scrivener styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3) but left the character formatting (like bold and italics) as is. Everything worked great until I tried to compile an ebook.

I created a new compiling format based of the generic ebook, and set up my styles and selections without a hitch. The project compiles fine - the styles show up formatted the way I want and the sections are laid out as I desire – until I check the “Convert Markdown to rich text in notes and text” box.

Once this is checked compiling the project yields odd results. Specifically, it strips the return from after any of my heading styles, moving the paragraph which follows up into the heading line and applying a style to match. The next paragraph returns to the correct style, and all is well until the next heading is encountered.

As soon as I uncheck the markdown conversion box everything returns to normal.

I’d be happy to share my project if it would help.

I had the same problem, only it happens in whatever format you’re converting to, as long as you check the Markdown conversion box. I was told the Markdown conversion in Scriv 3 is more aggressive than Scriv 2. At this point you can either change the carriage return codes or change all the markdown to bold and italics.

OK, as I’ve worked with this I find it’s a not a bug as much as it is an unexpected behavior. The check box will run a markdown conversion more than just character formatting like bold and italics. It will parse everything for Markdown and render output accordingly.

I discovered after compiling an ebook, only to find all my paragraph breaks had disappeared. I’d removed the double returns, which denote a paragraph break in Markdown, and replaced them with single returns for the compilation process – and Scrivener 3 assumed they were’t actual paragraph returns because of it. This is actually better behavior than I encountered in Scrivener 2, just unexpected.

I hope this helps other folks who might be encountering this behavior!