odd compiling formatting from scriptwriting

I’m working on a musical stage play in Scrivener and running into an odd problem when I compile. The manuscript is formatting well for me on the screen, using the scripwriting elements and tools, but when I compile into PDF (or other formats, too), it seems to ignore all the formatting that’s on the screen and in the settings, and inserts extra lines after each character name, and left justifies the character names, etc.

I know that Scrivener is not intended to do final formatting (I’ll use Final Draft for that), but it is important that I be able to compile a rough version that doesn’t mess up all the general formatting that I see in front of me, without a bunch of extra work (so I can share it with my collaborators).

Any help into how to keep the compiler from messing up the script formatting would be much appreciated.



Hi Patrick, In the compile window, go to the Formatting tab and deselect the checkbox at the top for “Override text and notes formatting”. This will prevent the compile settings from overriding the formatting used in the editor and should get your PDF output looking as you want it. If you haven’t already customised the compile settings, you may even want to just choose “Original” from the Format As drop-down menu for your start point; this has the “override” checkbox deselected and also uses fairly minimal settings throughout to basically compile just what you see in the editor, without adding titles or prefixes (e.g. “Chapter One”) or suchlike.

That is great! Thanks so much. Just what I needed.