Odd/Even Headers - say it ain't so

Saw this answered elsewhere with a resounding “no”, but they were very old posts for Mac so I’m hoping against hope . . . Is there anyway in Scrivener to have different headers for odd pages than even pages for paperback (PDF) compiling? Every novel of recent vintage I’ve seen has page nbr, author name on even pages and title, page nbr on odd pages. Can’t believe Scrivener won’t do this.

There isn’t yet a way to do that, but the thread you saw is out of date, we do plan to support limited recto/verso formatting features in the future.

Well, Scrivener isn’t for making paperbacks or any other kinds of end products like this, that is for the realm of dedicated layout and design software. I wouldn’t recommend even using Word or OpenOffice to try and make a literal paperback, let alone a program like Scrivener that is focussed on writing.

Wow, that’s a bummer. I got Scrivener specifically because I was led to believe it would make it easier for me to produce properly-formatted files for CreateSpace and KDP than from Word which is what I wrote my novel in. I’ll still use Scrivener for future writing, but I feel like I was misled about its ability to produce formatted output.

Sorry to hear you got the wrong impression. We do try to stress that it is a “first draft” tool that is primarily intended for starting from scratch, building up research, writing the text, and eventually moving on with either a publisher, or into professional tools if one is self-publishing and doing all of the print and digital distribution work themselves. That would just be far too much ground for one program to cover, and still remain a cohesive system without bloat (imagine InDesign with all of Scrivener in it, or even Word! :slight_smile:). Plus, the world is filled with publishing tools, but there aren’t so many programs aimed at authors and the unique challenges they face when constructing a beast as massive as a book (or thesis, screenplay, whatever the case may be). A better way to write is really what we’re trying to offer here. Leave the layout and such to InDesign, LaTeX and other high-quality tools.

But, again, like I say, if there is something we can relatively easily do that will give people a huge leg up (even, hey, to the point of just calling it good with the PDF Scrivener makes) then we try to do so if it makes sense within the vision of the software, and is feasible for a single programmer to do. Recto/verso treatment is one of those things that falls within that category. That will include the ability to stipulate which side of the book a new chapter falls on, alternating header+footers and offset margins for the binding zone. It’s not everything everyone may need, but it’s a good chunk.

And we do intend to keep things in the compiler if at all possible, even though that burdens the complexity of it, since a lot of people come to this software because they are sick of the exhaustive and complicated layout complexity that exists in hybrid or full desktop publishing programs, as a creative environment.