Odd highlighting appearing after update

I’m pretty sure this highlighting is new and it’s been added in the last update (or the one previous.) In any case, I didn’t do it and I can’t figure out how to undo it or even use it for other sections. The sections in question are a copy and paste from a PDF version of the “Black Panther” script.

It’s not actually highlighting that I have access to unless there’s an option beyond the font background highlighting. And it doesn’t seem as if it’s a style of any sort. Even if change the style the blue highlighting stays on that section.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Any thoughts?

Is it from the spell checker? Try right clicking it.

Good thought, Chris, but no. It’s all through my book since I use similar cuts and pastes in other places. The other oddity is it’s not universally present in those sections. Most but not all.

A real puzzler (at least for me.)


It looks like you have marked it with “Preserve formatting” by accident.

OMG, Tiho_D! That’s it.

So much to learn about this amazing program!

Thank you - saved my sanity! :slight_smile:


Enjoy! ;-)