Odd non-syncing behavior

I use Scrivener on my iOS 11 iPad and iPhone, as well as a Windows 10 PC. Recent changes made on my PC are syncing fine to my iPhone, but not to my iPad (via Dropbox). I haven’t lost any work (saved off the single chapter in question to Word, then created a new, temporary chapter folder in Scrivener for the affected text as well). Right now the new chapter is present on both iOS devices. I haven’t seen any behavior like this before. Any hints on what might be wrong or what I should do to fix the problem? I do most of my work on the iPad, so this is obviously a bit of a (potential) setback in productivity. Thanks!

Failure to sync is usually pretty straightforward: for whatever reason, the device simply isn’t connecting to the Dropbox server.

In particular, did you recently update the iPad with the latest versions of both iOS Scrivener and Dropbox? If you did, please unlink the iPad from Dropbox, then re-link it.


I’m new to the boards. I’m not sure if I’m in the right place to troubleshoot my problem, I have used Scrivener on my Mac and my iPad, seemlessly syncing through Dropbox, for over a year now. Since the 27th of November 2017, there has been no actual syncing between the two programs. When I sync from one device, there is no update on the other despite process looking successful. I have already attempted to unlink/relink my iOS app from Dropbox. I’ve also tried to reopon the scrivener project directly from the Dropbox Folder on my desktop. Can anyone help me, please?

Did you recently install High Sierra? On my system, at least, it disabled all of my startup items, including Dropbox. Please check to make sure Dropbox is actually running.


I had this issue after upgrading to Scrivener 3. Turns out that Dropbox wasn’t actually running on High Sierra, so I started it and everything synced again.

It took my some time to figure out the “unlink” the iPad from Dropbox bit (it has to be done from the Dropbox website), but that worked perfectly. Thanks, Katherine!

Solved. Wow. I am mad at how simple that was. It was absolutely that Dropbox needed to be turned on again. Thank you for your help and your patience.

I’ve tried to unlink and relink, but the problem with crashing while syncing continues for me. I’ve submitted a ticket, but the auto reply suggests it might take a couple of days to get a response.

For me, the problem is on my iPad. Every time I try to sync my work there, the program crashes. I went to the Dropbox website and deleted the link to the Scrivener app, and then I reconnected it. The problem persists.

The issue of Dropbox not being “on” doesn’t seem like it would be an issue for me, unless I’m missing something. I don’t have Dropbox installed on my iPad. The program on my computer is running.

I’m still using version 2.8 on my computers. Any idea what else might be going on?

The iOS update just released (1.1.5) seems to have fixed the syncing problem. I cleared up the conflicts created by the recent crashes and made some revisions to test things out, and so far everything is staying in sync and the Scrivener app is no longer crashing.

Even after the recent IOS and Scrivener update, the app is not detecting changes made in Dropbox. Only because I know there are changes I have to force Scrivener IOS to sync, as it will not detect. All my settings are correct. I’ve rebooted my iPad Pro 10.5. I’ve unlinked and re-linked to Dropbox. I’ve reinstalled the app. I’ve done everything I know to do, except wait it out for a future fix and use work around methods that place text in Dropbox, which I can import into Scrivener on my Mac.

Any suggestion are greatly appreciated. I try to do everything I can before asking. Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you sure that the changes are getting to Dropbox from your other devices? I’ve seen several cases, including my own system, where the High Sierra upgrade silently disabled Dropbox sync.

To test this sort of thing, do this:

  • Create a brand new test project on Computer A. Save it to the Dropbox folder. Allow it to sync.

  • Visit your account at dropbox.com via a web browser. Browse to the appropriate folder and confirm that the new project exists.

  • Sync Device B, and confirm that the project has appeared. Add some text and reverse the process. Repeat for as many devices as are connected to your account.

It’s a lot easier to fix this kind of problem once you know which link in the chain is broken.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve verified the file is on Dropbox, which I shouldn’t have to do if everything is working. I haven’t upgraded to High Sierra until the bugs I hear others complain about get fixed.

Scrivener iOS and Dropbox are not acting like they has been over the past 1.5 years. I’ve decided to pull my project off Dropbox for now and keep the project on an SD card and back it up to iCloud upon project close.

It’s no big deal. It beats all the time I’ve put into working on the syncing issue and allows me to work on my project. I use my iOS devices to capture text in another app when I get an idea and then I transfer them into Scrivener later.

Again, I appreciate you reaching out to help.

Kindest regards…

I disagree. I use Scrivener on three different Mcs and two iPads (yrs, I know it sounds weird but there are reasons) and they have synced seamlessly since day one. The only minor glitch was the other day, after updating something on the iPads (the Dropbox app?) whereafter I had to start the Dropbox app and then relink from inside Scrivener.

So the software IS working as it should. If it doesn’t, the cause has to be somewhere else.