Odd order in snapshot comparisons

Currently, Scrivener is using the first selected snapshot as the reference for changes. Meaning if I write a paragraph, take a snapshot, write another paragraph, and take another snapshot; selecting snap1 then snap2 and comparing will result in a red struckout second paragraph
Isn’t this the opposite of typical practice? I marked this a bug, but maybe it’s wanted behavior

My guess would be that since you can compare the selected snapshot to the editor’s content, it just wouldn’t make much sense the other way around when comparing the same snapshot, but to another.

See the red strike-through as “doesn’t have”, rather than as " deleted". (?)

And make sure you select the one you want to track the evolution of first.

Just pointing out that I was looking at old snapshots and was very confused. Neither of the snapshots are currently in the editor.
I can do the nonintuitive steps (ie, snap2 then snap1) if that’s how the Scrivener team wants it. Just thought I’d ask

Whether it is a bug, an overlook or the desired result, that I don’t know.

Thanks for the report. I’ve double-checked and it should be using chronology in all cases rather than selection order. While power tools like diff might let you do arbitrary comparisons like that, I think in a program like Scrivener, it is a safe enough assumption that most will consider a snapshot taken in 2014 to be the reference copy, when comparing to a snapshot taken in 2021.

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