Odd output and crash with new Scrivener and MMD install on Latex output

Recently i had to replace my laptop which necessitated a reinstall of everything, including Scrivener.

Now i have a large project (thesis) that i was happily able to compile for quite a while, but with this new laptop and install of Scrivener it is doing odd things with the MMD. Specifically this has come in the citations, where [55][#bibtexkey] has started to output \citep[55]{bibtexkey}} which obviously enough wont compile in LaTeX.

A colleague suggested that this might be due to multimarkdown not being installed, so I grabbed the latest copy of MMD from the repository (fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown/download/) along with the support files.

Sadly this has made things worse, with Scrivener no longer outputting any tex files, and throwing this error every time.

This is just a fairly generic error, and sadly I cant see in the log what Scrivener is trying to launch. I can launch multimarkdown from the commandline, so i dont think it is that layer.

I have submitted this error, but was hoping that someone might have a solution already. Anyone?

More debugging has yielded this.

I have also upgraded multimarkdown to 5.40 because i realised 3.6 was the old version.

Seems to be somethign within Scrivener, or at least the mmd scripts therein.

Final update for this evening from me. Grabbed my old travel laptop, hit compile and it works fine on there. No changes that i can find therein. Cant figure out what the difference is for my main computer.

Have you tried to see if MMD works direct from the command line? Just compile one chapter of your thesis to multimarkdown, then run MMD on that file from terminal — does it work there? I also suspect “Use XSLT Post-Processing” is involved here considering one of your errors, try turing it on/off.

Ok, i seem to have fixed the odd output on my laptop, so no worries there. My main computer is still failing to compile though.

The error occurs with either XSLT or normal output. MMD2tex works on its own via the commandline. But still no dice through Scrivener.

The path in the xslt error makes me think that Scrivener has its own mmd2tex script internally, and maybe this is what is causing the issue?

Two minor things to note. Firstly, have deleted and reinstalled Scrivener to no avail. Secondly, I am able to output in other formats other than MMD.

Perhaps you need to remove all conflicting MMD support files completely? Multimarkdown has changed considerably across versions, and especially the current V6.0 has rewritten the LaTeX support system again. Section 22.8 of the user manual says:

This seems an incomplete sentence, but I’m pretty sure it will check the system path too as I used to install MMD via homebrew (/usr/local/bin) and I thought it worked… Section 22.5.8 of the user manual still talks about MMD 3 and its Application Support package, which installs to /Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown. But at least the current version of MMD expects the LaTeX support files in /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/mmd6/ so this does depend on version installed.

Scrivener 3 is coming soon, and it will probably clarify what the best workflow will be going forwards. AmberV will be able to give you much more knowledgeable info as to the current best practice as Amber uses MMD + LaTeX to write the Scrivener User Manual.