Odd QuickReference behavior?

Hi guys,

Whenever I am in full-screen mode, and I choose to open a document as a QuickReference panel (with my QuickRef prefs set to open in black HUD style), it doesn’t open up hovering over the full-screen Scrivener app, like it should. Instead, it opens on another of my desktops, which I then have to swipe to and then swipe back from in order to view the QuickRef panel in question. Same goes if i switch into composition mode; the Quickref will disappear, and I have to swipe back to another desktop to make it visible, then swipe back to composition mode to see it overlaid on Scrivener. Just thought you guys would like to know about this! I’m running the latest version of Scrivener from the Mac App Store, and this has been a problem behavior ever since Yosemite that has persisted on though OS X, all the way into the new beta of macOS Sierra.

—Andy H.

Is it possible that you set Scrivener to open on a particular desktop at some point? Right-click on the scrivener icon, and a contextual menu will give you a couple of options on where to open it. This can affect the QR windows, as I discovered after I started using full screen mode more.