Odd report from Project statistics


So the main project folder ‘Screenplay’ has 2519 words (and -1 pages!), and the selected sub-folder has 13,973 words :confused:

Other than the -1 pages, which looks like an older bug (are you running 1.7.3?), this isn’t particularly odd because the “Screenplay” count is based on your compile settings, whereas the selection count comes purely from the document text and settings from the “Options” tab there in statistics. So if you’re currently set to compile just synopses, for instance, you’d naturally have a much lower count for the compiled document than for the full text of the selection.

Ah, I had no idea that the Draft folder count is based on the compile settings. Maybe there should be a note of this on the results window?

As for the -1: I just ran this again, and this time my anti-virus program popped up a warning about doc2any - so I gave it permission and everything works ok. :slight_smile: