Odd resolution bug in Scapple for Windows

This issue seems to be related to this old thread, which did not receive a dev response: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/formatting-screws-up-when-switching-between-screens/35388/3]

I finally fired up Scapple (v1.0, Windows 10) on my nice new 4K laptop. But when I extend my laptop to my lower-res monitors, I lower the laptop resolution to 1366x768 so that it doesn’t create weird mismatches.

I created a Scapple file on this setup and stored it on GDrive. It looked fine when I opened it the next day on a different machine at my job with the same resolution as my monitors. But then I tried to open it on my laptop in hi-res without the monitors and it’s a mess. The text notes, images, and background shapes are resized and all overlap one another, and it doesn’t sort itself out if it’s re-opened again in low-res.

Downloading an older version from GDrive onto the low-res setup works fine again, so it’s not GDrive causing the problem. It works the other way too: files created in hi-res have notes spaced way apart when opened in low-res.