odd screen jump with auto-complete in script mode

I’ve been using Scrivener since January for a novel, and love the software, but am now interested in using it to draft a new stage play. I’ve been using Final Draft for years, but find it very limited.

For the Stage Play US Format, I like that I can use auto-complete to fill in a character name for a piece of dialogue, but when I hit “enter” after the character name appears, the screen suddenly jumps to show the start of the scene instead of the spot where I’m actually writing. If I just go ahead and type, the display adjusts to show me the correct location and the text goes in the right place. So functionally, the auto-complete does work, as along as I ignore the screen for a second and just start typing. But it’s oddly disorienting and annoying, and gets in the way of a smooth writing process.

Thanks for the report! I hadn’t noticed this earlier in a quick test because it wasn’t long enough for scrolling and the jump only seems to happen when the scrolling is necessary.

Rather than using “Enter”, try “Tab”. That will apply the auto-complete suggestion without moving you to a new line, and it doesn’t get the screen-jump bug.

Thanks for the speedy answer! Using Tab helps a lot.