Odd Scrivener Behavior ...

My authorized Scrivener has worked flawlessly on my late 2009 Macbook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.2 up until about a week ago.

Now, when I open it, the icon bounces and it does seem to open—I can CMD-Tab to it—but it doesn’t show on the Desktop nor in any window(s). I only have one Desktop working, so it isn’t lurking in another one.

I did, however, have it open in a second Desktop recently, and the odd behavior coincides with that day.

I downloaded a fresh copy of Scrivener and it demonstrates the same behavior. I’ve rebooted and cold-started a few times. Nothing has worked so far. It continues to work normally in my iMac desktop.

I’ve noted other similar behaviors reported in earlier posts, but my difference is that my copy of the program was working fine under El Capitan until last week.

Any ideas here?


When you say you loaded a project on a “second Desktop” I assume you mean Spaces, not a separate monitor? Or do you mean it literally—a second desktop computer?

If it was a Space, and if by chance you put the project in Full Screen mode (which uses a Space to do so), then you might be running into a new OS X bug that can cause crashing when loading windows into full screen. You’ll find details on what is going on and how to fix the problem in this knowledge base article.

AmberV, yes, Spaces.

I did find this and it worked:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -os-x-1011

I had to go all the way to the alternative “If the Above Steps Don’t Work” step, which is a pain on a slow-loading Macbook Pro, but success was achieved. I’m still mystified as to why my scrv was working, and then started this evidently common crash-on-startup. Your theory seems sound to me, though.

In any case, thanks for the note, and thanks to the others who plowed (ploughed? LOL) this ground before me. AmberV, if you can reach into the Tech Support email queue and find my note sent about 1613 EST, please disregard it now. http://help.literatureandlatte.com/help/discussions/problems/56184-odd-scrivener-behavior?anon_token=4842ce391

Still a big fan, and recommend Scrivener to everybody.


Huh, that is interesting this particular bug only just started causing problems for you—not sure how to explain that—but at least an explanation at this point would be academic. :slight_smile:

Done! Thanks.