ODF compile error?

Not sure if it is a bug or something I am doing wrong …
Compiling to Open Office (.odt) format, footnote numbering restarts on every page, even though under compile-footnotes I have the “Footnote numbering retarts each page” unchecked. It’s easy enough to correct in Libre Office by going to footnote options, but annoying … Any ideas? Cheers Evan


This is actually a bug in the third-party converters we use internally to convert from RTF to ODT format. I didn’t remove the “Restart numbering…” option as I wrote to the creators of the third-party converters to tell them of the bug, as they are usually pretty good about tracking things like this down, so I hoped it would be fixed. Anyway, I just checked on the status of this and it turns out that they have in fact already fixed it - I had just missed their response to me. I have therefore updated the version of the converter used inside Scrivener, so that this will be fixed in the next Scrivener update. If this is causing you a lot of trouble, I can tell you how to get it working before them (it involves downloading a file and using it to replace one inside the Scrivener.app application bundle).

All the best,

Thanks Keith … Happy to wait for the next update. Evan