ODT and RTF compile problems

I run Open Office and have had various problems when compiling both as ODT and RTF files. They both come out with the font size displaying as normal in Open Office (12pt), but saying it is 2pt, and when I send the file to someone else it displays as 2pt on their software. The only way I can save it as a 12pt font is by using Open Office to save the file as a Word doc.

I also have very strange things happen to line spacing and indents when compiling as an RTF, with different paragraphs having different styles for no apparent reason.

Now none of my ODT compile files would open, saying there is an error:

Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 460,281(row,col).

RTFs are still opening, although with the formatting issues mentioned above.

Yep, same issue with me, as well. Mine always open, though. (That is, I haven’t seen the problem of the error you were getting, but I did see the 2 pt font error.)

I am also experiencing 2pt font error.

ETA: I have overwrite formatting box checked but odt file is using single line spacing instead of 1.5. Clicking at the start of odt file font is TNR 12PT despite being set as Optima 13pt. Clicking in the middle of document shows correct font and size.

I am using portable version of OpenOffice.