.ODT support?

I’m an open source freak, and I find it interesting that Scrivener doesn’t support .odt files. Is there any chance that it will have that support in the near future?

I’d like this, too, although I really would’ve prefered to have it before I converted the hundred or so Open Office files I needed to get started…


This is something I asked for last year during the beta for what became Scrivener Gold. The answer, IIRC, was that there was currently no OS X support for the ODF file types so they couldn’t be imported yet. Scrivener doesn’t import Word files either - they need to be saved as RTF.

I know ODF suppor was added to the wish list, but I don’t know that this is a feature which Keith has worked on at any point recently. I’ve stopped pushing for it since I’ve been using Scrivener exclusively for writing fiction for over a year and I only use OOo (NeoOffice, to be precise) for print formatting.

Please file an enhancement request with bugreport.apple.com. If Apple support .odt, Scrivener will. I will not be writing my own file parsers to support this, though, sorry. But surely Open Office supports RTF anyway? Otherwise, what would be the point?

Open Office does support RTF. It’s just a pain to open and save the bajillion files I have. And it’s particularly irritating since I feel like I just converted them all from Wordperfect. (Of course, “just” means like two years ago.)

And I’m STILL getting e-mails from my last bug report! :slight_smile: Dunx and Naga are gonna have to field this one.


To be honest, it should not be beyond the wit of man to write a batch tool to convert ODT into RTF, although I won’t be touching such a project until December at the earliest.