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Howdy to the Literature and Latte crowd,

This silent member and Novel in a Day contributor wants to draw your attention to another publishing initiative. Early last year I started ‘of Altered States’, an independent publishing initiative and am looking for writers to join our group.

Our group is 25 strong at the moment and consists of both writers and visual artists. of Altered States produces illustrated short fiction anthologies that are published digitally and in print. We aim to have around 12 stories in each edition, spanning 40,000 words. Besides the anthologies we also maintain a website with blog which feeds into our social media channels.

We released our first anthology last January (text-only) and have just re-released it as a full artwork edition with a bonus Choose Your Own Adventure story. We are slated to release our second volume spring 2013. Most of the content of ‘of Altered States’ is created by our core contributors of fiction and art, but we also get some open submissions.

We are looking for more core fiction contributors. What we mean by that is we are looking for writers of fiction who want to be part of our core group and submit short fiction on a regular basis. And when we say regular basis we mean stories between 500-5000 words, at least twice a year. What we are offering is first and foremost an avenue to craft development and publishing in supportive environment with like-minded people. They way we work is as follows; all content submitted by our core contributors is read by the group in first instance and critiqued. After an edit of your story based in these critiques your story will go to our professional editor, Alan Gowing, for developmental editing first and after that line-editing. Once it’s line-edited and you are happy with it, one of our group, Shuna, will proofread it for typos. After that it’s released in our next anthology. All writers no matter what experience levels are treated equal in our group and all stories go through the same process. Some might find this prospect a little daunting but we take a very supportive and friendly approach and we always strive to get the best story possible at the end. So we think it’s worth it. And because of our approach we are also happy for writers of all experience levels to join us. Been published before? Great! Still learning? Hope we can help!

Because we spend quite a bit of time on all our people’s stories, we do hope you take this aspect seriously in return. Our group dynamic depends on give and take, and we expect you to submit and publish but read other’s work in return too. So if you’re unsure you can give that time and commitment, this initiative is not for you. However, if you can, this is royalties-based paid work for as long as you want to keep submitting and publishing with us. All core contributors who have their work published in an anthology will receive an equal share of net royalties for their work for that edition. And the more anthologies you’re in, the more royalties you’ll receive. But don’t expect to get rich. Our income is measured in pennies rather than pounds.

NOTE: You will retain copyright of all of your work at all times! We are writers and artists ourselves and we are simply combining our work to put out there. We are not interested in obtaining copyright of your work in any way, shape or form.

We are based in Cardiff, U.K. but we work with creatives from all over the world, so location is not a problem.

Please ask questions if you have them. You can leave them here or send me a private message.

If you want to learn more about of Altered States you can find us at our website. You can also find our first anthology there as a free download.

Thanks for your time,
hope to speak to you soon,

Victoria Griesdoorn
editor of of Altered States

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Dear Victoria,
For reasons I think I understand, threads like 'of Altered States looking for writers’, and
NBC Drama Pilot Competition dont seem to generate much response. I think:

…would preclude most of the people on the Scriv boards, since most of them seem to be heavily committed elsewhere. They use Scriv as a tool for their work, and any form of social interaction, probably takes place at more social specific sites.

However, I have to say…I had a bloody good chuckle at this earlier on to day :laughing: ofalteredstates.com/2012/11/ … nd-scream/
I reminded me of an event that occurred over 40 yrs. ago. Four of us were playing Scrabble. My sister in law, really pissed off at being told, yet once again that she couldn’t use a particular word, picked up the board and flung it across the room, whilst screaming obscenities, the like of which would cause a Liverpool docker to blush :open_mouth: Ah well…c’est la vie…eh? :wink:
Good Luck with oAS
Take care

Hey Vic,

thanks for your reply. I just wanted to give it another shot. :slight_smile:


Actually Victoria,
oAS, as you describe it, is the kind of benign, supportive writing environment, I was proposing aboard Scriv, back in 2010: The ScrivLitCritForum, Moto, Nurture, Not Torture :wink: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/a-short-scene/7098/24


yeah, it’s common enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Victoria,
I like the idea, so chalk me up as interested but unable to commit to the workload (either the writing or the reading & commenting) at present. Maybe in a few months when I have a better idea how the new year will settle in as there is much turmoil and change in the winds (which seems to fit in with the underlying theme of of Altered States, but sadly fiction is more interesting).

Hey nom,

thanks for your interest. I can shoot you an e-mail in a few months just to remind you we’re still here and to ask how you’re doing, if you let me know how many months in the future would be appropriate.

Speak to you later.

Altered States should publish a 3 word story.

A what? :slight_smile:


Victoria –

Nom’s reply is almost precisely my own. Admire the idea, would love to engage, but current events (personal and seasonal) intervene. My freedom horizon is closer than his; by mid-January – new grandchildren visited, old ones gifted, solstice celebrations concluded – I should be ready to challenge new heights. Well, to stand at the bottom and admire, anyway.


No problem, Phil. I will give you a nudge end of January and see if you’re still interested. :slight_smile:


Dear Miss Victoria’
I fear the worst. Your thread is in danger of off-topicking, with the speed of an Exocet missile. My damage limitation advice is: change:


Plus…DO NOT GO THERE!!![size=150][1] :unamused: :open_mouth:

  1. /size ↩︎

Hihi! Thanks for the save Fluff. :smiley:


I just tried to click on the two links in your original post, and neither of them work.
My browser (Chrome) searches for ofalteredstates.com, but it does not respond.
I ran a Google search and found references to the site, so apparently it did exist at one time.

Anyway, you may have some actual writers who want to make contact.
As opposed to those who lurk and lark about on this forum. :open_mouth:
Present company excepted, of course. :smiley:


When you do, Miss Victoria, ask young Master Philip, which piece of his writing does this remind him of? youtube.com/watch?v=LJpJoYYGzjM
My human (we all have our crosses to bear), was bowled over by it.

I’ve checked all of the Google search offerings, and none of them are active, Gremlins are abroad…as wells as that druid person. :open_mouth:

Hey Droo, Fluff,

Yeah, I had problems with my personal website too this morning and my husband’s sites are offline too. I think our server or host is unresponsive. Thanks for the heads up.


The website’s back. :slight_smile:

Actually, the various links to the web site still don’t work as of 16:05 EST.