of Altered States looking for writers

Blast! When I checked and posted they were working and now they’re not. Unfortunately it’s our host that’s having problems so I can’t do anything about it. :frowning: All I can say is, please bear with us.


“As long as there’s Scrivener and you are there, then we’ll always be here.”
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Fluff Patriot

That’s a lovely offer Victoria, thank you. I think enough of the dust should have settled by the end of March to enable me to see enough of the road ahead to give a more definitive reply.

No problem, nom. :slight_smile: I’ll send you an e-mail end of March to see how you’re doing.


ETA I’m going to declare the website fixed again, but as you’ve seen I might have to eat my words yet another time. Fingers crossed, though.

Or just damned slow. Each of my projects seems to take about six to eight years, so I wouldn’t dare to take on something for delivery in six months. But actually, I’m not a fiction writer (unless you count my CV), so I couldn’t help, anyway. But I hope you do get some interest. I imagine these things take time to get rolling.


Hey mbbntu,

thanks for the well wishes. I hope so too. :smiley:

Good luck with your projects!