Office 2016 issues

I am new to Scrivener and within the past weeks I player around with it. My primary goal is to write technical papers like preliminary concepts, business blueprints or requirements specifications.

When I compile to pdf or docx I have issues with the TOC and page numbering.

So in a pdf the <$p> refers to the page number the TOC (and not the chapter referring to) has. So its normally 1 or 2 if the TOC is included in page numbering. Otherwise its 0 (zero).

When exporting to docx its always 0. Which is clear because when I (in Word) switch to view the fields (with Alt+F9) I only see {PAGE }.

This happens on a Windows 10 Machine with Office 2016 installed (to be precise: Office 2016 proplus from Office 365 Business E3 Account. The only difference is the way it is installed. The binaries are identical.)

I tried it on another computer. There it works. The field there is named {HYPERLINK \I “Target”}.

This working machine is also a Windows 10 Machine but with Office 2013 installed (to be precise: Office 2013 proplus from Office 365 Business E3 Account. Same as above: the only difference is the way it is installed. The binaries are identical.)

On this Office 2013 I recognize a export converter “Microsoft Word (2007-2013)” which is used there out of the box but not available on the Office 2016 machine. So I asked some guys deep inside of MS if they have changed anything inside regarding conversion. They say ‘No’.

So I hope that the only issue is a misleading or outdated (Office) version check on installation or startup. Is there a workaround or patch available for Scrivener? Applying command-line fu or a registry change will not be a issue for me. But I can’t go back to Office 2013 because of dependencies related to Sharepoint Online (which are not working with the ‘old’ Office 2013) that I have to use too.

Do the issues happen to you when you try compiling to rtf or doc? Both should open fine with Office 2016, but that doesn’t mean they’d be problem-free.

Thanks. I figured out two nested problems.

1: docx Format ist not working properly. Period. rtf or doc ARE working. Thats fine for me.

2: In a way that I can’t figure out my compile settings where broken. I had to throw them away and start again from scratch. At the moment nearly everything is working as expected. With one exception: in the compile options, section ‘Formatting’ for Level 1 I can see ‘1: Title’. But after compiling I find

Title' Where are the blank lines coming from?

Do you have any page padding set in the ‘Formatting’ section of your compile options?

Brilliant. Thanks. Padding was set. I use the German version. The translations is a bit misleading. Re-translated to English its more like ‘Page margin’ than ‘Padding’. But now I know…

Awesome. Glad you got it worked out.