Office 2016

Hi all.
I upgraded Microsoft Office to Office 2016. Every time i open .pptx presentation file with the help of PowerPoint get the error message “error accessing the file xxxx.pptx”.
Other Office applications are working fine.
Can you light me up the possible root cause?
Thanks a lot!

Friend, this is not a Microsoft office forum. It is for discussing the Windows version of the writers’ program Scrivener. Please do an online search for help with MS Office 2016 PowerPoint. Best of luck!

I think you, Cellison, and Javier need to get together and start a Microsoft forum. Oh, wait, that would require you to be actual human beings and not weird spam bots.

Really? That was spam? I’d feel dumb, except it seemed too pointless even for spam. I mean, it’s not like they said they lost their wallet in Helsinki.

There are dozens of programs that can be installed on your computer to open Microsoft Office documents and other office or rich-text documents ( for example PPTX Open File Tool)
Also you can try OpenOffice. It is available for all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.
Google Docs, available from Google.

I wasn’t sure it was at the time, but now with Harry’s addition to the conversation, I’m positive. Though I’m now wondering if they’re pro-Microsoft bots or something else. They do seem rather pointless, as you mentioned.