Often repeated text used throughout document

Is there a way to place a long string of text like a long quote that that will be used often in a document in the reference area and duplicate it where you want it in the document as often as you need to? I am primarily interested in a way that I can edit it in one place and ensure that edit shows in all occurences throughout the document.

I had thought using the Inspectors reference function might do that, but I can only get the name of the link to appear not what is contained with in it.

If anyone knows how to do what I propose it would save me a lot of editing. I am thinking of something like the Copy-Link function used between MS Office applications.

There is presently no way of doing that. However this is a capability that will be coming, and is already available in the latest release candidate, which its documentation will cover in §10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents. Other documents, in this case, can mean either other areas of the project binder, or from text files on the disk (so multiple projects can share unified common texts).

Any update? Can this be done yet?

Yes, I’d recommend checking out the documentation I referred to before.

So I reviewed the information in section “10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents” of the current manual. As I understand it, the text has to be in the project to work, is that correct? To make it easier to navigate this kind of repeated information in the 1.9 version of Scrivener, I put such text in Word docs. It is not a great solution because the links get printed, not the text in the links, but until the draft is final, I can reference the text whenever I want in the project or projects and only change it once, if it needs to change. My plan was then to take the final version and copy it into wherever I found the link as each project finalizes.

Is there a way to use the capability described in “10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents” to link directly to the Word files and get the text within the Word files to display?

That would be the easiest for me at this point.

P.S. Thanx for pointing me in this direction.

Sure, the text can be outside of the project as well. The method you’re looking for is on page 176, in the third main bullet starting, “The third possibility…”.

You will need to convert these files to Scrivener’s native file format though, RTF (or TXT works as well, if they aren’t formatted). If the compiler had to boot up the huge DOCX conversion engine every time you included a snippet of text, it would make compile really slow.

It’s up to you, but also consider that it’s a snap to import these files into the binder and just link to them. If this is the only reason those files exist, it will be more convenient in the long run to have them more readily accessible.

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Ok… that is easy enough. Especially since it beats having to search and replace with the text.

FYI: I use these files across multiple projects, which is why they are outside the project. Perhaps, I can create a template for any project that needs them. I’ll have to think about that a bit. I have not worked much with creating templates.

Oh, yeah in that case keeping them external makes the most sense! That’s why we made it work that way as well, since that is sometimes very useful. Templates would be one approach, but consider that every project you ever created using the template (and the template itself) would need to be opened and edited if you ever needed to revise one of these common snippets.

Yes, I agree now that I think about it and read your reply. I’ll just create RTF files and keep them external.

Thanx for the help!

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