Oh joy!

Wow! I have just sent off my very first draft of a thesis chapter…
Of course - since deadlines creep up on you like Christmas - it was in the very last minute and I had to somehow get all of it into two word documents, which, of course, I had not tried before. After 22 hours of frantic typing and screen-glaring I honestly thought this is never going to work, guess what: One mistake (choosing compile and getting the whole thing instead of exporting it as MS word document) and I figured it out, Scrivener is really really desperate-user friendly.
And it took all the formatting and Endnote stuff with it! Yeah!
So relieved!
Great stuff, thanks, and I’m going to get a croissant and latte now! 8)


Glad Scrivener proved helpful for your thesis chapter draft - good luck with the rest of it!

Enjoy that croissant. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,