Oh no - is Apple now a phone company?

I think it is pathetic that lists and tables got work in the text engine only in OS X.4.x. The text engine was a big selling point of OS X … then when they got everyone nicely suckered in, Apple basically dropped the ball on it leaving their true believers high and dry for years. Don’t want to give anyone the tools to challenge office.

As for phones, I’ll stick with my nearly decade old Nokia. It makes phone calls. Bounces when I drop it. The buttons are big enough for my arthritic fingers to hit them one by one.

Cheers, Geoff

Geoffrey Heard, Business Writer & Publisher

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You’re right to be peeved about that. Maybe it’ll be included in the work on speed and stability in Snow Leopard. :wink:

I just love getting on the El at the end of a long day and seeing twenty-five people with their hands up at their ear.


Yeah, all sarkiness aside, it is indeed shameful that the native text system doesn’t rank higher on Apple’s priorities. Safari gets an entirely new javascript engine, but sorting out the bullets and tables in TextEdit, well, that’s apparently too much work…

And I hate to say it, but that’s because Apple are concentrating on web-based stuff at the moment, and the iPhone is at the centre of this… :wink:

Heh. No, I know. But it’s not like this is new, sadly. I get the impression the TextEdit team consists of, like, one guy in a broom cupboard that nobody else talks to.

I’m sure he’s just misunderstood and has a good heart.

In related news, Apple dumps on Flash even further:

macrumors.com/2008/06/16/app … lications/


It is like a tug of war.

Years ago it Was Java.

Then Java was bastardized by MS and was considered too slow and everyone got Flash hot and heavy.

Now HTML 5.0 and Java are showing some nice things and making Flash look old and cumbersome.

PS3, Xbox360, Wii, HDTV, DVR, Keyless Cars.

Oh the tech wars continue.

But they haven’t really made very many leaps and bounds in upgrading the toilet. :slight_smile:

Javascript has no connection to Java beyond its name. The ‘old school’ java is still as shit as it ever was.

Web 3.0 I think will be Interactive video, a lot of bandwidth, glitz and glam and of course lots of spam.

But I never thought I would see the demise of flash. I thought it would take slow root like PDF and then eventually become an Open Standard that was quirky.

Oh well when it comes to tech every time you take a nap everything changes…

I would disagree with that. Java has its uses. Admittedly its GUI is not attractive as Cocoa’s, but Cocoa isn’t cross-platform, and C++ applications don’t work cross-platform without a lot of additional work for GUIs etc.

It allows for quick development, works over networks, and even its run-time performance is comparable to other applications in most situations.

The ugliness of its GUIs is probably its only major detractor.


Java’s runtime performance is actually its biggest flaw, in my opinion. The UI is awful, and that’s a big minus, but I could live with that if it ran faster than a tortoise through treacle.

I thought it had improved in that area. Certainly from where it started at least.

I admit I haven’t touched Java since getting my Mac, so I don’t know how it has gone recently, or on this platform.


It’s always been awful on the Mac. Sure, it’s faster than it used to be, but I put that largely down to increased processor speed, not any great strides on the part of Java itself.

I’m definately with Anthony on this one. There were a couple of apps I used to use that were Java; they were really simple and they still ran terribly.

Tee hee:

thedailymash.co.uk/news/scie … 806091008/


Nice little ecosystem you’ve got there