Oh noes, the iBook almost died!

Today I had a close call with iBook-death. My iBook (almost 4 years old) has had several issues over the past two years which got fixed. This weekend I gave it a new harddrive (from 40 to 120gb woohoo). The boyfriend replaced it, tech-savvy as he is (he works magic on my iBook!).

This afternoon I had to restart my iBook due to hanging software (not Scriv) and the magic keycombo of cmd-ctrl-power (or whatever) didn’t work. I then pulled out the battery, and it wouldn’t start.

And then it dawned on me.

I previously had a problem with the powerbutton due to the bit on the logic board coming loose. It worked after the harddiskupgrade (boyfriend took care in not touching that bit and tells me every time I have to be careful with that bit so I let him take the iBook apart and I don’t touch it, hehe) so somewhere along the way the bit broke again. I usually put my iBook to sleep because the battery lasts long anyway, so I hadn’t notice it.

Luckily, boyfriend came to the rescue again and he managed to fix it. Now he hates iBooks even more (I have taken the iBook apart myself and witnessed him doing it, and trust me, it couldn’t really get any worse, it is horrible). However, my iBook works again, yaay!

So, right now, I’m really happy to have postponed the death of my iBook with some unknown time, and to still have Scrivener (I missed it in the few hours I spend on my eee, even if I didn’t want to use it then, I still missed it).
But I guess I have to check out those new macbooks sometime soon…


Tanja, my sweetness,
ladies and DIY[size=50] (Do It Yourself)[/size] do not go well together! Should they ever abandon Retail Therapy en mass, and replace it with DIY Therapy, the planet will melt :open_mouth:
Le D :smiling_imp:

[size=125]Bad vic-k! Bad![/size]

Tanja please accept my apologies for the rat dog’s bad behavior. He is not fully trained yet.

I would much rather have my neighbors wife work on the house then the husband. She is much more adept when it comes to mechanics and physical coordination. And she isn’t a 250lb hairy man whose pants keep falling off.

Mmm…interesting…very intersting.
Dr Mulality