Oh.. oops...

So, I’ve done some outlining, and thinking about my scenes and characters and all of a sudden I had a plot and characters and whatnot.

I initially wanted to go for some sort of slasher novel, but perhaps this whole sitting at home and watching lots of Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday the 13th and Halloween has messed up my brain.

Currently, my plot has turned into a somewhat more realistic story (I usually don’t do that) with highly disturbing things happening. And parallels to my life as it is right now. Which is disturbing for me. Which makes my main character even more disturbing. Hmm…

But I think I’ll write it anyway.

As long as I have enough wine I can manage, right? :S


Wait, all I got from that was that in real life you are a mass murderer. Is that what you’re saying? :slight_smile:

note to self: if ever in amsterdam, avoid folks writing in scrivener.


I can barely hold a murder-weapon, tsk tsk.

Though you both gave me an idea, hmm…