Oh, Scrivener, how I love thee!

I’m a college student working on a BA in Emergency Management. I’ve been using Scrivener to write for a few months and just this week I fell in love with it. The weekly assignments were to create sections of a larger, monolithic Final Project for the end of class. Well, I was able to drag the sections from my previous weeks’ assignments into a new project for the final, and finesse them into a good layout. I must have rearranged things five times before I was happy with it.

My only “complaint” with Scrivener was regarding creating tables in Scriv, but I learned that the editor is mostly Mac native, so the table functions (and faults) were not the fault of Scrivener. However, after making and messing with a half-dozen tables, I was able to make some very nice looking output.

And the final result, once compiled to MS Word? A thing of beauty. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear it made your term paper easier to work with. As you note we’re kind of hobbled with tables by the system. It’s either that or rewrite the whole thing from scratch, and it would probably take a long time just to get it back to where it is, let alone improving it any. What I think most people end up doing is touching up the tables in Word (or similar) once the final compile is done. It’s not something you want to do every time you compile, but generally you only need to polish something the last time. But it sounds like in your case you found the right combination of tools to make them look good in Scrivener. There is always that possibility as well. :slight_smile: