Oh, yes - I love this one.

Hi there,

I’ve just startet using Scrivener and it looks like this could become the software of choice for my writing.

I’ve started out a couple of years ago with one of the very early releases of Ulysses. I liked the app, but it tended to develop a lag in large documents (I’m a fast typer) and this, alongside with some other things (no italics, etc.) made me switch to Jer’s Novel Writer as soon as I discovered it. JNW is excellent (Jer is a great guy, too) but looking at Scrivener it looks like your app meets my writing needs even more exactly.

Currently, for instance, I’m transcribing long, long, long interviews for a non-fictional book and not having to switch between applications is just great.

Let’s hope that scrivener doesn’t tend to slow down when documents get really large and that it’s easy on CPU-usage (and thus battery life) which are my biggest concerns regarding any piece of writing software. I write a lot in places where there’s no way to plug in my Powerbook.

These conditions fulfilled I’ll happily grab my wallet and pay a very fair price for an excellent piece of software.


Hi Jolanth,

Thanks - I’m glad Scrivener looks like it will work well for you. (And yes, Jer is a great guy, and I’m a big fan of his software too.) Scrivener shouldn’t lag on large documents - the first builds were done an iBook G4 1GhZ and I made sure that typing was fast in documents of 50,000 words or more.

As for CPU usage - 1.1 (the beta, 1.08, can be downloaded from the Beta Testing forum) reduces CPU and memory usage significantly. There was a bug in previous versions where everything in the project got loaded into memory upon opening (d’oh), which obviously is not a good thing. That is fixed in the new version so that only what you need is ever loaded.

All the best,

Hi KB,

thanks for the quick reply! I’ll go ahead and test 1.08. BTW: There’s a feature (I don’t know how hard to implement) that I could really use right now – if there was a way, to not only stop and restart an audio file without using your mouse but to wind back a couple of seconds, well that would be interview-transcribing-heaven. More often than not interviewees numble bizzare stuff in a hardly audible post-drinking croak so I have to go back and relisten two, three times to a passage before getting it. Just a thought, certainly not a feature that many users will use.

Thanks again and I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

edit: P.S. - I just love Scrivener’s full screen mode, especially when the scroller is completely gone, couldn’t do that in JNW.

Hi Jolanth,

You’re after “Step Media Forward” and “Step Media Backward” from the View > QuickTime menu (alt-cmd-{ and alt-cmd-} - remember that you need to hold the shift key down as well to turn [ and ] into { and } ).

All the best,

Hi Keith,

that’s great, I hadn’t seen this yet. Alas, I can’t make it happen. Could be the fault of my German qwertz-keyboard, everything’s different here. { and } are alt-8 and alt-9. Doesn’t work when I switch to US-keyboard in system preferences, either. Odd.

That might cause a problem. You can change the keyboard shortcut it your System Preferences, though - just to go System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts and then add Scrivener as an application. Add the “Step Media Backward” and “Step Media Forward” and enter your own shortcuts for them.
Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot, I allocated cmd-alt-right arrow and cmd-alt-left arrow. Funny thing though: hitting cmd-alt-left arrow makes the sound file play backwards. Is this what you originally intended?

Nope, that shouldn’t happen. When I do this, it just steps the track back by a second or whatever, after which you hit play again to continue. Not sure why it would happen differently on your machine - step forward and backward are built into the QuickTime control and I’m just calling them…

Not to besmirch Scrivener, but if you want a more specialized program for transcribing, you might consider Transcriva, from Bartas Technologies (maker of Copywrite). WIth that you can adjust pitch, speed, rewind, volume, all can be run from the keyboard.



thanks, Barbara, for the hint!

There must have been a problem with my system, as not only Quicktime but other apps as well behaved in a very strange way. After repairing permissions, fsk-y and so on everything is back to normal and I can wind back and forth in Scrivener without any trouble. As I’m composing a book that uses the transcriptions I will just stay with Scrivener, I’m getting more used to it every day.

You aren’t the only one. :slight_smile: Apple’s been releasing a slew of Quicktime updates ever since the iPhone and the new iPods hit the street. There have been a number of Quicktime related woes popping up in the tech support forums. It sounds like you got it all sorted out. Often a re-download and install of the QT from Apple’s website does the trick, too.