Ok, I think I finally tamed Notebooks

To work with scrivener. Just taken many attempts.

I also read Scriv for IPad will not run on my IPad I…well, it’s getting close to replacing…it is showing it’s age.

Now the question is mini or regular? That is truly the question. So Scriv, when it finally releases, will not be an issue.

But after many, many, many attempts I think I finally got notebooks to play nice…

I susect it had to be the last update.


Ah, today I picked a new IPAD, mine was on the really dying department. So now I cam ready for Scriv for IPAD.

Mind you, the Macbook is also dying, but if it fails, no harm no foul. I got scriv running on the nettie

No, not as fast as the macbook, but I won’t be able to replace the actual laptop for at least a year. I had to be strategic actually.