Ok I will give you my wish list and

I realize why I will not see it

Tracking changes (I know, I know it is a bear… almost as bad as a timelime) but I can dream right?

Bookmarks… less of a bear, and if I keep my snippets short it is almost not needed

After that… I think this is almost the perfect program

Hell I find myself using it more and more for first drafts… of magazines and role playing books

For some reason when it comes to the novel… I still go back to Omni Outliner, VOODOO PAD… Nisus Writer… Open Office Combo… it is… shall we say a mess of multiple apps to get exactly what I want. And it truly depends on what stage of production I am at… I should add pages for page layout…

And it has nothing to do with Scrivener, just the way my mind works!

The next update has bookmarks (you bookmark a document and it appears at the top of the “Go To” list). The next update also features a page layout view.

It’s a shame you use all those other programs for novel writing instead of Scrivener, but hey, it won’t fit everyone for everything and if those apps suit you better, good luck with it - they’re fine apps.

All the best,

Well the tracking changes is kind of important to me (pages does it in a lousy way, why it is either Neo Office or word… neo is free)

And I am definitely looking forwards to bookmarks

Now one reason why I like Voodoo and I am sure I could do it with almost any other program… is that I can get the links in a wiki… and I can just do my notes. Admittedly it is getting BIG, that novel file that is.

(did I mention I can export the damn thing to my IPOD?) That is one tool I didn’t think would be useful until I actually used it on a plane…

And I am sure Scriv will become a to go tool for first drafts soon… for more things, though it is purrrfect for RPG books.

As is Scriv is till a program I shamelessly recommend, even to my niece in college, who HATES writing. SHe has a mac, and she has trouble organizing school papers.

(And I added a line on that in the mag’s current issue. I like to tell people, ok boys and girls, here are the apps I used to do this)

Uh!!! Really!? O_o

I was just mentioning today to my partner that Scrivener (we both use it daily and a lot) is almost perfect. Only a bookmarking feature is missing. But… but… now is coming. :slight_smile:

Okay… … do you have any idea when the next update will happen?

– MJ