OK--I'm really really stupid...

“As well as importing files, you can, of course, create new text files and folders in which to organise your files and ideas.”

I just found Scrivener Gold via a recommendation from another writer and I LOVE it–at least what I can see on the introduction page. It looks like a superb format for composing a novel.

I just can’t figure out how to make it work. For example the only way I can find (by trial and error) to make a second index card for a document is to add a new group. But I just want to add more cards. They’re a great feature and I want to make lots and lots of cards per document. When I rename things by highlighting and typing I often find I’ve renamed something else entirely–my folder or whatever. I can’t seem to rearrange things in the left column by dragging and dropping without creating problems. There must be another way.

Is there someone with a kind heart and patience enough to tell me how to do the most basic things?


Molly Tenbrooks

The index card is meant to be for writing a short synopsis of the document, so that the document can be viewed as an index card in the storyboard view. It is not meant to be literally, an index card attached to the document, where in that case it would be logical to have more than one. That is why, when you change the title in the index card, the document title changes. They are linked.

If you wish to attach notes to your document, there is an area specifically for that right below the card, “Notes.”

If you go to the Storyboard layout section there is a way you can select a folder. If you have created documents within that folder, such as chapter one, chapter two, whatever, or even for scenes, etcs., those cards will be listed once you select the folder. But it’s one document/one card, not multiple cards for one document. If you go through the tutorial it will seem a lot clearer, I think.


Thank you very much. Amber V and alexwein. I feel better knowing that it really is one card per document and not just my ineptness. I read the SG introduction page through several times. Am I just a slow learner or is there a separate tutorial somewhere?


I am not sure what you mean by the introduction page, but there is a document that is shipped with the SG distribution called “tutorial.scriv”. It has three parts, and about a dozen and a half documents to follow along with. It should get you going with the basics pretty quickly. I remember going through it in an hour or two, back when I started.

Additionally, on the “Start Here!” page of that file, there is a link to the old forums, which are a lot more relevant to SG, as that contains all of the tech support and discussions related to the development of SG. These forums here will be much more Scrivener 1.0 oriented, especially toward the end of the summer. So if you have a question about SG, you might want to try running some searches on that old forum – we pretty much discussed SG to death, back in the day. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

I just checked my .dmg and voila–the tutorial.

Thanks again Amber V.