OK! Officially Impressed ...

Done NaNo – Got my Book Backed up: Waiting for the Crash – Didn’t happen?

During the Month it’s crashed out several time with ‘This Programme has stopped responding’

Do you want to ‘snitch on it’, to Microsoft? - [NO!] -

...But Anyhow; After finally working out that RTF's Imported from Word were doing it. We, that is Scrivener and I : Have had a very enjoyable experience.

...BUT the Scrivener Nano Trial is Running out and now I've got to 'Byte' the Bullet and UNINSTALL IT! ... OMG! ... After all that work??

Here goes. Installed … Downloaded 1.03 Installed : [took ages!!]

Clicked on ‘it’ : Ready for the Bang! And the Grief, And the inevitable problems! with Beta software.

They didn’t happen. The New Programme even found my Book and Opened it?



… HOW THE HELL DOES IT DO THAT? … Is it writing to the Registry? I can’t find and spurious Index files in the Windows directory! … I can’t even find any *.INI files knocking around.

So I ask : HOW THE HELL DOES IT DO THAT? … BTW It’s Brilliant!

GUEST ACCOUNT … So the default install directory is off my Docs.

Setting it up on the other XP Machine with Admin Privileges is causing problems. Because the last time I tested Scrivener on that Machine I was working on a Networked directory. That not there anymore. Whoops! It couldn’t find the .scriv file and is isn’t a happy programme.

...But; On the 5th -- I'm Buying, no flippin' doubt about that. Faults, quibbles, unintended undocumented features and all. This software is the absolute Bees Knees. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Well Done Indeed.

I’m completely with you. I’d say the biggest features for me are:

index card view
scenes as different documents with so much ability to view in different ways
compile time options

I won’t write novels in any other program again!

Congratulations on getting your 50K for the month!

Thank you for the kind words, Jessica and Dretzle both! Extra good news, the crash with imported documents was fixed in 1.0, so you won’t have that issue anymore with the new release.

I’m pretty sure the “Recent Projects” menu and the option to have Scrivener automatically load the most recent project on launch are mentioned somewhere in the Manual, but I’m too lazy to go look for where right now. If you want to change the auto-load behavior, though, just go into Tools > Options… and deselect that checkbox at the top of the General tab.

What exactly is it doing? If Scrivener can’t access the project it’s trying to auto-load, it should just take you to the New Project panel, no muss, no fuss. Sounds like you’re getting fuss though, so any details or screenshots of error messages would help figure out what the problem is.


It’s not an issue, as it’s only my test machine; and that gets virus’s.

I only mentioned it in passing …But for your information only. Scrivener sits loading for an age:
[ I now know it was trying to find trying to find the missing files. ] At one point I thought hung because it took so long to load. After several minutes a blank screen appeared without anything on it, but the drop down menu was there.

All I did from that point was create a New Project; and all was fine the next time it loaded.

As I say, it’s not an issue. The VISTA (spit) Machine I use found my Book Noooooo problem.

To repeat … Well Impressed. >:->>