Ok so where's my project

I just opened my project the way I always do from my shortcut folder. It goes to dropbox. I saved it last time, while I was not online. I’m online now. It appears to have pulled the time-before-last version. Who knows from where. Probably from the cloud. The question is, where’s the last version? On my hard drive somewhere, but where? If I close out of this, it’ll save this one…

Anyone? My writing window is disappearing…

and no, i did not have multiple machines open. i only have one machine. so i thought i was covered. this is the way i always do it, and i often shut down when i am not online…

and it seems to have done fine with my other project, which i saved in the same way, at the same time… so what gives?

Are you opening it on the same machine as when you last closed it (and it was functioning)? I have heard of people’s dropboxes not updating properly, despite telling them that it had updated fully. In all cases when they returned to their other machines, their work was saved properly. In which case this is a dropbox issue.

If it’s the same machine, then it’s very weird. Dropbox should know that what you had been writing was more recent that what was on the cloud; that’s its whole function!

Ordinarily dropbox allows you to go to previous saves of a file from their website, meaning you can restore, except that the scrivener project is actually a folder as far as dropbox is concerned, so you can’t use this version-control feature. Best thing to do for future is turn on automatic backups, even if you then store those in dropbox, because it’ll store them as zip files, so you will be able to download earlier saves. Careful of your settings and space use if you store your backups on Dropbox though; it can fill up quick.

Thanks. It’s probably in there as an automatic backup if it didn’t get saved over while I had it open and was sitting there trying to figure out what was going on. I do have that feature turned on always. And yes, it’s the same machine. It was very weird. I work offline a lot and often then turn it on when it’s online and haven’t noticed this problem before, but don’t pay close attn to the patterns. I just haven’t had this happen before. :frowning: Lost a day’s work.

Do you use Time Machine? It might be possible to pull a copy out of there from just before your last editing session ended, and prior to when Dropbox did whatever it did.