OK so...

… I’m feeling down in the dumps at the moment.

Someone just tell me I’m ok, and that I’m a good person and that I’m deserving and capable of recieving the love of others.


slipping on the parenting hat…

Here’s the deal kid, we can tell you what you want to hear all day long but unless YOU believe it then it won’t do you any good. We (the scriverati+3) would not hold that affirmation from you unless you were a member of the +3 (which you are not) but again, you can not set YOUR self worth by the opinions of others.

That said here is what I know about you.
• You think about ways to improve the lives of others.
• You are not afraid to share the part of you that makes you unique.
• You look at the cage and wish well to the rats trapped inside of it.
• You allow others to disagree with you without condemnation.

If you were here, I would want to be your neighbor. Why? Because i think you are a good person and deserving of the love of others.

The receiving end is up to you.

You are ok! And you must be a good person, otherwise you would not have deserved this responds, which is written full of love and proves that you’re capable of receiving it too.

For what it’s worth; this is the first post from a non-writer on a writers-forum overcoming all shyness to dedicate it all to you! :smiley:

It sounds like you’ve been in a bad spell. You will get through this! You are more than worthwhile! And we’re here for you.

See my hands. See my arms. They are hugging you.

Take care, we all love you

sounds to me like youve filled y bedroom walls with cut up newspaper poetry, and with no more space left, youve moved into the lounge or dining room, and started on those walls. :open_mouth: Your mams perspective on life being somewhat skewed in comparison to yours, has probably thumped your earole, and told you off, and now y feeling sorry f yself. Or words to that effect.
What`s happened?

That is not the question you should ask but rather

“Are they deserving of receiving the love from you.”

Now laughter is the best offense in the universe so with that in mind if you need some cheering up here are a few suggestions for you that I do when I need some “uplifting”

(1) Drive your car through a fast food drive-thru in reverse. At the window tell them you don’t know how to operate the driver side window. The page for those instructions was missing in the manual.

(2) Walk up to a movie place and ask the person that is selling tickets and ask this.
“I need a price quote on 67 seats that will only be filled for half the movie. What kinda of discount can you offer me?”

(3) Go into McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant. Ask to see the “Picture Menu” Order just a soft drink. When the person gives you the total hand them something like $17.87 and let them blow a fuse doing the math.

(4) Walk into a book store and ask them if they sell video books.

(5) Walk into a shoe store and tell the person working there that your father has only one leg. Tell the person your father sent you to buy one single shoe and that your father said that it is usually only half price. Watch the sales person stutter.

(6) Pull up to Valet Parking on a bicycle or skateboard. Sit there and look mad.

(7) Walk around a mall one day and ask for a job application inside each store you walk by. Go home and fill them out with outlandish and crazy responses like 12 years of college, manager expereience, certifications, etc. Then turn them in and see how many actually call you back for an interview. WHen they call you back see how high you can get them to bid for you.

(8) Randomly call people and when they answer say
“Hey what are you doing?”
See how long you can keep them on the phone thinking they should know you.

these are just a few I am sure others can list many more :slight_smile:

Hang in there, Sebbi.

You are more than ok. You are most definitely a good person. And not only are you deserving and capable of receiving love – you are loved.

I admire your spirit which comes through loud and clear in your postings. I admire your courage: you take risks and put yourself out there for others to see. You are creative and caring. All of this is clear from your writing.

May you see your beautiful soul and know that you are loved just as you are by people all around the world. That’s pretty cool.


Just… wh… wow!

Thank you so much.

In answer to Vic-k’s question:
Nothing much has happened as such, nothing sudden anyway. It’s more my circumstances at the moment mean that I’m going to be socially isolated for a little bit. It will change, but I don’t have a great deal of option but gritting my teeth and baring it; but that’s something that I don’t feel like doing right now - hence being down in the dumps. This circumstance is for a few reasons - one almost all my close friends have gone to Uni (I held back a year, meaning that most of my friends are a year ahead); the people I know at college are in that bit of A-level stress where instead of sharing the load we’re retreating into “revision holes” that only big enough for ourselves.
There are a few exceptions to this, and I am doing my best to be as emotionally self-sufficient as I can be, but it’s hard. I don’t think we’re meant to ever be COMPLETELY self-sufficient; if we were, we wouldn’t clump together, would we?

Again, thank you.

Ah! Now I know for certain that you’re going to be just fine! :smiley: I’m going to breathe a huge sigh of relief on your behalf now!

Sebbi, what’s happening to you has happened to me, and has probably happened to everyone posting on this forum. It’s never easy when you’re going through it; I’ve likened it to trying to trudge through a chest-deep pool of cold mud. But I’m glad those of us who have lived through it are here, so that you can turn to us for reassurance, and we can tell you from our own experience that you are fine, and you’re going to continue to be fine! It might not seem like it at the moment, but it’s just a pool of mud - it’s not an endless ocean of mud. You will climb out onto a new and happier shore.

But if you ever feel like you’re slogging through another pool of mud, pipe up just like you have. We’ll be here to toss you a line, and help pull you through.

That description sound pretty accurate.
You’re absolutely right, I will climb out onto a new and happier shore. I practically have dates for when I will hit land too. I think Arts College will be a hugely brilliant new beginning and I’m really looking forward to that. It’s almost more frustrating knowing where I want to be, knowing that they want me there, but knowing I’ve got to wait until the end of September to get there.

I guess in the grand-scheme of things, that’s not that long to wait; and it’ll be a very busy 5+1/2 months getting there (1.5 months college, 1 month exams, 3 months holiday including preparing for Uni+learning to cook+5 weeks either walking to Santiago or at the Edinburgh festival).

Thank you again for the cyber-hugs.

…thought as much! Y suffering from a disease called 18/19 complicated by Human Plate Tectonics. But y smart enough to work that out for y`self. :smiley:

Whatever y do, dont start on the lounge or dining room :open_mouth:


I am just wondering how you got a "chest full of cold deep mud" on this ship and where do you keep something like that?

Look on the bright side Sebbi.

Since you are a year behind that means all your friends will graduate school a year early and have to go out into the world and work.

Where in that final year you will be the focus of all their jealousy because they are no longer “experiencing” the college life but rather have to go home early and go to bed in order to wake up the next morning and slave wage through their careers.

You will be in your senior year of college having the time of your life and they will be drudging to work early every morning thinking of you swinging from the bannisters in the “hot chick” sorority houses wearing a snorkel, flip-flops, and a tiger striped speedo while drunken maidens throw their undergarments at you like the ladies do in Portland.

And remember the most important thing about a making a living…

The worst thing is the next morning you have to go back in and do it all over again. :slight_smile:

and again and again and again and again and not today (unless you job is like mine) and again and again and again and …

you get the idea.

Great, now I am depressed. Thanks wock.

Ouch! Been there, too. I really hope that changes for you for the better!

But let’s not scare poor Sebbi! Kiddo, you are about to walk through the doors of a creative and intellectual smorgasbord. Enjoy every last minute of it! As Auntie Mame said, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death - so live!

Sebbi, my hope for you is that you find a professional niche that is as comfortable and fun for you as your upcoming university experience promises to be. :smiley:

For the record I like what I do for a living. I think it is the realization that “being an adult sucks” which forces folks to “grow up”. In my opinion it is the rebellious attempts to refute or ignore this fact that causes so much of the stupidity that we see today.

I can make the above statement with absolute certainty I am I still rebelling against this realization to this day. Just ask the wife if you don’t believe me.

I think that it is partially due to this that I would like to go into devised theatre. What we do is play games… ALOT.
It may look all pretty and stuff to you audiency people, but to us, we’re just refusing to grow up.

Any other illusions we create to appear adult is purely superficial and down to impecable acting skills.

I don’t rebel.


within the boundaries my wife has set upon me. :slight_smile: