Ok this is odd, Updated to Scriv 3

but I cannot find any of my projects that I work on Dropbox, it did find ONE, and updated to the new file but cannot make it play nice with my mobile devices.

This is a project that now has two versions, and it is not like I can send the damn thing through email, clunky, but that would work, In fact, will try that next.

This is annoying as hell.

And yes tried all, including create a new folder, save on the old one, copy the file to both… nope, does not work. It is as if the file is pretty much invisible.

And for the moment compiled the draft, It was in the editing stage anyhow, and will work on the edit of this beast in Pages. At least I have my research material on the scriv file, but this is highly annoying. Been working on this beast for a year or so, It is what it is.