Ok this one is odd: Opening document in Mac

and later on IOS. For whatever reason it is creating conflict files for the dropbox sync. It only does it when I do that. Not a biggie, I tend to check if the content is there, and after confirming that send the conflict files to the trash.

Just that struck me as interesting and possibly a larger problem than it has been for me.

Oh and it is just in that direction. When working on the Iphone an Ipad I have zero issues, but both are IOS. :mrgreen:


Are you closing the document on the Mac between trips to the iOS device? If not, it is very likely that you are making changes to the project on both devices, in which case a sync conflict is pretty much the expected result.


Yes, I tend to use my IOS only when the Mac is off. This is why it struck me as odd. Ulysses can do that as well over Icloud if both are open, as well as a few other packages, if they are open across machines. This is why it struck me as well, odd. And it only does it when I open a file on the mac and do anything with it.

It is a tad annoying but not a killer by any means.

Make sure that both the Mac and the iOS device have fully synchronized before doing any work.

Also, is it always the same file that has conflicts? We’ve seen a few cases where conflicts can get “stuck” and keep coming back even after the user has resolved them. These seem to be fixed by clearing the Dropbox cache: look for the Reset Scrivener button at the bottom of the Scrivener section in the iOS Settings app.


I’ve seen a few people get confused by the new iOS sync method, so to be absolutely clear:

  1. You must sync your iOS device before you open any projects on it.
  2. You must manually sync iOS Scrivener before returning to Mac Scrivener.

Unless you have sync-on-exit switched on. In which case, sync is initiated when you exit the project in ios. You still have to do /that/ though.


Also, it is not enough that your Mac is “off” if that means sleeping. If you have edited the project on your desktop and it is still open in Scrivener and you put the Mac to sleep like that, then I think you might see some notices when you get over to your ios Scriv (though I don’t know if it explains what you are seeing).

To avoid that – hit the Sync With Mobile button in your desktop Mac. This writes to disk some housekeeping stuff that does not usually get written until you close the project (or at least not constantly). Then, assuming Dropbox has had time to do its sync thing, you should not see any blips when you got into the project on ios.

I think I got all that right.


I was trying to distill it down to the most essential advice, because those accustomed to Dropbox on Mac or Windows know that “sync your project” can be the equivalent of “wait 2 seconds until Scrivener auto-saves and dropbox syncs a document or two while I do something else on my computer”. The iOS Scrivener experience requires that a user takes some action to do the syncing, other than switch away from that app or leave it to sit for a few seconds. I think the confusion comes of people thinking that their work on iOS gets constantly updated on the DB servers like it doesn when working on a Mac or Windows.

Seems right!


Like a few other software packages that I use, so I am used to that routine, why it struck me as interesting. It does not do it all the time, but it does it from time to time. I reported it in the interest of going hey this is interesting. Next bug that emerges, and it is software so they do occur and could be IOS or Apple generrated. I will keep it to myself. As long as they remain small annoyances I am fine.