OK to update Scrivener version on legacy MacBook Pro with High Sierra?

So I’ve got an old MacBook Pro (we’re talking 2011-ish) that just got updated a few months ago with High Sierra (version 10.13).

  1. Safe to upgrade to the latest version of Scrivener? I’m getting the bug where your headers, footers, and page numbers appear upside-down, and have read that this is a version-outdate problem…I’m submitting my novel excerpts to contests and conferences and really need to get this sorted!

  2. (Very basic question) Do I simply update via the Literature and Latte website?

Thanks in advance for your help.
SF Novelist

I run the newest Scrivener on Sierra so you should be fine with HS. Just use the Check for Updates menu item.

I would upgrade, but for your present WIP that you wish to compile, I’d also download the version of 2.8 that was released after 3 was released which is easy to run at the same time—it uses the registration details for version 3.

I think KB May have found a solution or workaround that (Apple) bug in the new version of 2.8. But the changes to compile made for version 3, while much better, may be frustrating to get your head round if you need to get your stuff out quickly.


Definitely do not recommend upgrading to Scrivener 3 if a deadline is imminent.

Definitely do recommend upgrading to the last version of Scrivener 2, which is 2.9. The upside down headers bug has been fixed for quite some time.