Ok, what am I doing wrong here yet again?

I’m fiddling around with Compile Draft to avoid actually doing any work on the ms. When I export to Print, and save as a PDF, all is fine and dandy. However, if I export to RTF with exactly the same boxes checked in Compile Draft in all three tabs–content, text options, and formatting–and then try to open the saved file with Pages or Text Edit, none of my headings appear, no page numbers, nada.

I know I must be missing something embarrassingly obvious, but could one of you point me in the right direction?

Thanks. :blush:

It isn’t you [size=70]I think[/size]. If you have word or OPen/Neo Office open the RTF with that. I believe there are known issues with apples RTF converters that make footnotes, header/footer not work properly.

If I was less lazy I would provide you links to those threads, but you need something to prevent you from ACTUALLY WORKING ON YOUR PROJECT.

I don’t have Word anymore, Jaysen. It died with Griselda. :frowning: The only word processor I have is Pages, which I PAID for, so damned if I am going to go out and buy another. I thought about getting Nisus or something, but being a simple fiction writer, there is so little I really need–no tables, footnotes, yadda yadda, just words on the page with an occasional chapter title, page numbers and something attributing the whole thing to ME.

Woe is me. I’ll just go sulk in a corner now or go back to reading the next 400 pages over again. Sigh.

Open office is FREE! I don’t like it, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t like. Such as pick up the kids from where ever it was that I left them. Very unpleasant…

Seriously though, down load open office. I think you will be pleased.

I agree with Jaysen. (Yes, miracles do occur.) :open_mouth:
OpenOffice 3 will read your RTF files quite nicely.
But if you just have plain-text anyway, I don’t know why Pages isn’t enough.

Wait till you have to drive the little darlings and all their gear back to college on Labor Day, and then get the U-Haul Trailer back before the office closes (taking into account a 400-mile round trip and the Tappan Zee bridge at the end of the holiday weekend). :unamused:

Having done my homework and research (amazing what one will do to avoid actual work) I am now leaning towards BUYING Nisus. I found Open Office, and it looked good, but for some reason which I have already entirely forgotten, Nisus looked even better.

Druid, Pages would be fine if my ms never left my computer. But I have (unwarranted, I know) ambitions beyond that…hopefully.

Nissus may be overkill for your needs. But it is a good option.

How about 450 miles to a USTA match to find you forgot a shoe? Only one shoe. As one shoe in the bag, other shoe … who knows?

That will be the breaking point for me. It happened to a friend of the daughditor last weekend.

I thought we agreed to disagree on this point? :mrgreen:

Ah yes, but there is Nisus Lite. AKA Nisus Express, a trimmed down version of the Pro.

I feel their pain. We once had to turn around and drive 150 miles back to our starting point when Kiara remembered where she had put her glasses down while visiting family in the wilds of Vermont.

Just this minute I got the eagerly awaited first phone call since her (permanent, into full adulthood) move to Boston last Saturday. Keep in mind I had not heard a word from her since. Today she was at the insurance agent’s, wanting me to call the NJDMV and arrange for her driving history to be faxed up to Mass. And no, I can’t talk right now Mum. Thanks. Love you.


The 400-page pile at my elbow is looking more and more attractive by comparison.

Here y go Zoe! Thisll help you calm down. Two tablespoons mixed in a bucket of Campari. Drink as much as it takes.


Awh bless.

OK, enlighten me.
You mean readers from the Dark Side?
Pages exports its files in DOC.
You mean Track Comments?
Ditto, no problem.
And the PDF export is handy, too.

Well, considering I just spent the better part of an hour spent trying to figure out how to insert a header the way I wanted to with Pages (and finally succeeded), I have to grant that the capabilities of that particular program may well outstrip my learning curve.


I think I’ll just shut up for a while and go back to wondering why my newly emancipated daughter seems more concerned with the dog’s welfare than mine.

More wine (or Raid) please, vic.

The last menu to the far right is Help.
Great stuff there: Pages Help, Video Tutorials, Pages User Guide.
The lad in the Tutorials has a rich, creamy voice.
Sort of like we imagine Vic, warbling tunes with a pint of bitter. :unamused:

Please don’t say things like this. It makes it very hard for some of us to be “good boys”.

The other WP options are Bean and iText, both of which are basically souped up TextEdits, and free. They used RTF as a native file format and seem to be quite integrated with OS X. They’re also small and funky and fast, unlike Neo/OpenOffice.

The only drawback is that neither have styles, effectively - Bean eschews them as a matter of policy, and iText uses the appalling, awful, incomprehensible TextEdit styles, which are better avoided.