Okay I must be the dumbest user on the planet

Is there a new way to get the new Scrivner to work? I have the new Windows version and I can’t type in the text boxes or anywhere. I’ve tried and given up and looked all over and I don’t know what else to do. I am not the most tech savvy person, but with the old version you just opened it up and it worked. What should I be doing?

Seems strange behavior, when you open it up, it should just work.

I’d first try and reinstall Scrivener.
Then I’d look for writing rights on Scrivener files and folders.
and then I wouldn’t know either.

Ok, so it does normally just work like the old version. Ok, then I will stop looking for some special button to click.
I will reinstall tomorrow when I have more energy to throw at this and I will look into the writing rights.