Okay, I'm stuck!

In my current project, I have all of my scenes all organised in the drafts folder, and my characters organised in the research folder.

As my partner and I are working together on this story, we will both attack what needs to be done in no particular order, which is okay… except for one thing… noting all of the various to do items we come up with.

Example: One of my characters has a profession which needs research, as well as her fitting into her community, etc.

We are doing a field trip to where she lives, and will spend a good weekend there, mixing it with the locals, getting a feel for the place. Hell, it’s almost like we expect to see her on the street! This is all okay, but we are STILL working on heaps of little bits of paper.

Check this out, check that out… you know the drill.

What should I be doing with my character and location files to make this job more sequential?

Should I convert my many pages of each character into folders, and have “To Do” lists in each, or is there a more global system available?

I was looking at the To Do lists in Apple Mail, maybe that could be a clue, but I am averse to switching between programs.

This writing caper is quite messy sometimes!

ANY tips will be greatly appreciated.


Maybe open another SCR PROJECT and use it to organize your notes, things to do. Then compile it and print to PDF and import the PDF into your Working project as the date. That way all your notes and etc are in one PDF in your Working project.

Then as you make more notes in your NOTES project recompile the PDF, delete the old PDF from your Working project and import the new updated notes and lists of things to do.

That way you can use one project to track your notes and things to do and use the other project to organize your work.

If that makes any sense?