Okay, what's after v1.1?

We all survived into Scrivener for Linux v1.1 (with a few bumps). But this version will expire soon – end of July, right? – and I’d like to know what the next version is planned to be. Are we ready to go official, or will it be another beta with an expiration date?

Looking ahead,
-Amazing Blair

Ditto… :slight_smile: Buying Scrivener persuaded my wife to let me buy a Mac… but I’m a Linux guy at heart. Like that I can now use my Ubuntu netbook (12.04) for writing again.

I’m not sure I’ve ever understood the logic behind the release-with-expiration-date thing. The level of regression which occurs with this program with updates (e.g., uninstallable on 64-bit systems) makes being a beta tester a bit more difficult. It is particularly frustrating when there are fairly substantial gaps between the expiry of one version and the Linux release of the next, as has happened in the past.