Old files won't open

Keith, I noted what you said earlier about projects created in older version. But what happens is this:
Scrivener creates an archive of the old project and opens a blank version of the original. If I try to open the archive it just creates a second archive. I don’t have backups as such, only saved original Scrivener projects. Have I lost my work or is there something else I can do?

I am not sure what you mean by “blank version of the original”, although it sounds a little odd.

However, if you want to open the old version without it making a backup and converting to the new format, you will need to open it in the old version of Scrivener.

Double-clicking the file will automatically launch the newest version, so you would need to launch the old application, then access the file via File->Open.


I would, Matt, except I don’t have the old version of Scrivener. Replaced it with the new one. Is there no other way?

It sounds like a corrupted file. Send me the oldest backup that was made on updating to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.