Old (Font) Bug, New Circumstance


Had a repeat of a bug I had not seen a while. After downloading Beta my work computer and personal desktop, all was going perfectly. However, I just got a new Surface Laptop in the last few hours for my own business, and when I installed the Beta on it, the font changed from Book Antiqua to “MS Shell Dig 2” on all documents in the project.

Don’t know if it has something to do with the Surface or the fact that it was a fully brand new installation of the Scrivener beta with no previous files that caused the font change, but one of those two seems the most likely culprit.


Is Book Antiqua installed on the Surface? It’s not on my Windows install. I don’t delete fonts, usually, so I’d guess you downloaded it from somewhere. You should be able to copy the font file from the one windows box to the other (via sneakernet or cloud or whatever).

It comes with Office, which I had already installed. However, I went back and checked based on what you said, and apparently Microsoft now for some reason doesn’t fully install the fonts with Office, but rather holds them in the cloud until you select them in an Office product for the first time… which is odd.

However, normally programs still won’t change the existing font even if it is not installed (it just won’t display properly), at least until you edit the document. I’m pretty sure (but may be wrong) that was also true for Scriv 1 on WIndows. That was not the case.this time. In my opinion, it should be though, because since Scriv automatically syncs via dropbox, it changed the font on the files for everyone.