Old icons in inspector pane and a graphical glitch

I like Scrivener a lot. Here are two issues that I’ve run into using version 2.5 on a 2012 retina Mac:

  1. The bottom pane of the inspector looks like this in both 10.8 and 10.9:

  1. And this is what I see at the bottom of the binder when I open a project:

The grey bar backdrop disappears when I enter full-screen mode, and it doesn’t come back until I close then reopen the project.

I’ve tried to fix issue 1. by reinstalling Scrivener and came up empty. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you in advance.

The first issue is a known problem, the high-res icons simply were accidentally excluded from the release.

As for the second issue, it’s probably your settings. Check in the Appearance preference pane at the very top. With “source list” style enabled, there is no backdrop, the icons are seamlessly integrated into the background, but it is possible to have that toggle when going into Full Screen.

Oh I see!

I’m using the default settings; Binder “Uses source list style” is enabled, “Don’t use source list style in full screen” is disabled. When I toggle the first option, I get the grey bar plus borders between the icons. No matter what, though, with the default settings the bar stays until I full-screen the project.