Old License

Dear Friends: is the Scrivener 2 license valid in any form for Scrivener 3? Best.

No, but an old license does qualify you for a steep discount on the v3 license.

store2.esellerate.net/store/che … remail.htm

Depends on when you bought your Scrivener 2 license. If you bought it on or after 20th August 2017 you can upgrade your license for free.

Otherwise you can update your license at a reduced price (25$). There is even an option to upgrade your license for the reduced price if you originally bought through the Mac App Store.

Note: Both ways, free or reduced upgrade price, will not happen automatically but only take little action from you. All about what you can read here: store2.esellerate.net/store/che … remail.htm


Thank you very much!!!