Old Manual, New Version of app.?

It is just me, or because I am new to Scrivener and not a programmer, trying to get formatting to work is next to. impossible?

Nearly every time I read a response on how do to something from the forum the reference refers to the original manual and the verbiage or location of the referenced instruction does not correlate to the current version of the app…UGHHHHH!

I asked in another question about paragraph spacing. It was suggested I remove the spacing I had added and to do it in Compile. Which I managed to do for the eBook.I think. But I can not get to work in the word.doc output. And can’t figure out through the forums or manual, because most of it refers the previous version and does not align with the current version of the APP.

If you launch the manual from the Help menu of your copy of Scrivener, you should get the “matched” version.

All of the video tutorials here
literatureandlatte.com/lear … s?os=macOS
use Mac Scrivener 3.

In the forums, anything posted to the Mac forums since November 2017 should refer to the new version. Make sure you’re not in the Windows or iOS forums, though, as you’ll get both a different version and a different interface.

If you are confused, posting a screenshot always makes it easier for other people to understand what you’re seeing and advise accordingly.


Yeah, make sure to use the link to the manual from the Help menu, that really should not be out of date.

But while you’re there, also take a look at the interactive tutorial. It has a couple of sections on compiling, and while I don’t think they specifically cover paragraph spacing, they definitely would guide you to the right place to do this (Section Layouts).