Old projects not opening in newer version

Hi…I just got a new laptop and had to install scrivener. Apparently there has been a big version update since I bought it originally (2014) and the newest I just installed because my projects will not open in the version. I get a prompt to update the file, so it does, but there is a major problem. All the chapter and character headings are there in the binder, but there is no text within them. Every chapter is EMPTY.

My wonderfully techie hubby was wondering if there is an archive of older versions that I could access to get one that will allow me to access my Un-updated projects?

Many thanks!

The newer version of Scrivener makes a backup copy of your project before it tries to convert it, so the unaltered project should be in the same location as the new one that lacks any content. Navigate to the folder with your project in it, and there should be two copies of your project sitting there, one with … “Backup” … in its name. I think. Its been a while since I updated all my projects, but the name should be easy to distinguish.

You’ll need to track down an older version of Scrivener to open it without attempting to convert the project to the newer format, or your Techie spouse may be able to figure out what’s gone wrong with the inner workings of that project to trigger this bug. If he wants to come to the forums with technical details (lists of files in a given folder that look suspect, for instance), there are plenty of folks who may be able to recognize the root cause of your problem.

I have windows7 on my desktop and windows 10 on my new laptop.
I copied files across from desktop to laptop to work on while travelling, and experienced this backup scenario. But I cannot transfer the files back to the desktop in a useable state. During the attempts to ix the problem I destroyed all the work I had done recently

Is this a windows incompatibility issue or a scrivener version issue?

When you copied your project to the new computer, did you copy the entire folder (ending in .scriv), or just the .scrivx file? This may be a case of an incomplete project rather than a conversion error…

I found out it was a version issue
I installed the latest version and recovered the “lost” files

Ah, great news! Glad you got it sorted.