Old thread resources

We should probably cull important information from these threads and make a sticky? That way it’s all in one spot. I’ve gone through and found all the relevant threads about getting Scrivener working under linux.


Thanks, I’ve moved these over here, if someone makes a consolidated how-to post, especially some of the info in the monster thread on getting aspell working, where to find the .deb packages, etc, let me know and I’ll set it to sticky.

LOL thanks!

I only just noticed the new Linux section pop up on the boards! You guys are awesome at supporting one another. If I ever decide to make the switch I know where to find a bunch of people to help me.

I :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me tear myself away from WoW/Cataclysm a bit tomorrow, and I can pull some things out of the thread. :slight_smile:

Okay, got two threads (one for WINE, one for Scriv-native). Feel free to add if I forgot anything from the other threads.