Old update problems resolved???

I’d like to find out if the update problems some of us experienced with 1.9.5 have been resolved in 1.9.7. I’m still using 1.9.0 and would like to update but I don’t want to go through that hassle again. Thanks.


I asked this question a week ago. Can no one give me a reply? All that is needed is a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

No they haven’t…and no they don’t care…Move on to another software or just use 1.9.0 like me…
I guess more people have no problem than people who do so we aren’t a priority…
THe last I heard is that the issue is with us/our computers and not the software so it’s our problem…

… and if it actually is a problem with your computers, how could L&L fix that?

Depends how many other users are experiencing the behavior. As I recall, the update failed with certain font versions installed, and there was no comprehensive list. It would be a stretch to call that a computer problem, and I don’t assert that L&L did so. But it is the task of an install program to identify incompatibilities and exit gracefully, enabling the user to resolve them.

Thanks, CASD57. I guess I’ll stick to 1.9.0 too.